Create a will through your employer's legal plan

No Additional Cost to you ($1,400 value)
What's Included: Trust, Wills, Financial POAs, Medical POAs, and Living Wills. Submit form below or call for details.

Hyatt Legal Plan Members are generally coverd for:

Revocable Living Trust

A living trust is an important tool to avoid probate and to protect assets for loved ones. The creator of the trust is called a trustor. the manager of the trust is called the trustee. The trustee must safeguard trust property for the trust beneficiaries. The creator of the trust is generally the trustor, trustee, and beneficiary. If the trustor becomes unable to adminster the trust, a successor trustee steps in to carry out its terms.

Last Will and Testament (Wills)

The will designates an executor or personal representative and helps distribute a person's tangible personal property. A will that is created in conjuction with a living trust is called a pour-over will. A will that is created independent of a trust is generally called a simple will.

Financial Power of Attorney

A Financial POA designates someone with immediate authority to act on your behalf if you are in a declined incapacitated state and therefore unable to pay your bills or to manage your financial affairs. If a power of attorney is "durable", then the authority granted in the document persists even if the creator of the document subsequently becomes in a declined mental or physical state.

Mental Health Power of Attorney

A Mental HCPOA designates someone with the authority to act on your behalf if you are in a mentally declined state and unable to handle your personal affiars. Specifically, a Mental Health Care POA designates who would have the authority to make decisions for a persons care and treatment.

Genaral Health Care Power of Attorney

A General HCPOA designates someone with the authority to act on your behalf if you are unable to make medical decisions on your own. If something falls outside the scope of the living will or mental healthcare power of attorney, it is the general power of attorney that designates someone with the authority to step in and act on another's behalf.

Living Will

A living will clarifies a person's wishes with respect to life sustaining treatment.

Attorney Customization

Included with this service, you'll meet with an attorney to go over questions and customize paperwork.

Notary Signing

You'll meet with a licensed Notary to review and sign the paperwork.

Organized Professional Portfolio.

Once completed, we'll organize your paperwork in a professional portfolio so you can safegaurd the original paperwork.

Ongoing Support

Whether its weeks or years down the road, we'll answer any questions you have with respect to your paperwork.

About Us

Michael Greenwald

Hello, my name is Michael Greenwald. I am a native Arizonan and an estate planning lawyer. I help families prepare custom Wills, Trusts, Living Wills, and Power of Attorney paperwork. I went to college and studied law at Arizona State University. Throughout my career, I have found great satisfaction in helping families avoid probate, safeguard property for loved-ones, and avoid unnecessary time-delay or expense in administering their personal legal affairs. I'd love to meet you and work with your family to create a custom-tailored estate plan that captures your wishes. Whether you are an individual or couple, and whether your goals are simple or complex, I look forward to working with you.

Our Process

Step 1:
Initial Consultation

Our first meeting is done in one of our offices or over the phone. This is an opportunity to get acquainted with each other, talk about general estate planing concepts, and get a feel for what would be the best fit for you based on your unique circumstances.

Step 2:
Designing / Drafting

After determining what estate planning solution would work best for you, we’d collect notes to capture you specific wishes and to determine who you’d want to act on your behalf if you were unable to act for yourself.

Step 3:

After we’ve created personalized estate planning documents for you, we’d meet again to explain the paperwork, answer questions, and walk you through signing the paperwork.

Step 4:

Once the paperwork is signed, we'll organize the original paperwork in a an estate planing portfolio for you to keep. We'll coach you through administering your trust and we'll be there for you when questions arise.